Monday, September 12, 2011

Adoption in India

If you want to adopt a child you need to register with any one specialised adoption agency, preferably one nearest to your home or online at You can check your eligibility on the website of CARA To enable you to take an informed decision, the agency provides pre-adoption counselling. you need to complete certain documentation The social worker of agency will visit you in your home to access your social and family background and suitability for adoptive parenthood. This home study is conducted two months from the date of registration The agency will locate a suitable child and you will recieve a referral Once you see the child and decide to adopt the child can be examined by any doctor of your choice the legal process then starts and you can take the child in pre-adoption foster care. The competent court legally places the child in adoption by a court decree For a period of two years, the agency will keep in touch with yo and provide post-adoptive services. Central Adoption Resource Authority(CARA), Ministry of Women and Child welfare Department, Govt of India, West Block 8, Wing No 2, 2nd floor, R.K.Puram, New Delhi- 110066(India) Tel: 26180194 email:,, website:

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